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Data Order Brokering: Let TRFIC assist you in identifying and ordering Landsat data for your science and applications needs. Take advantage of our expertise in searching and ordering high quality data from national and international archives. We have long-standing working relationships with the ground stations throughout the tropics, in Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, and elsewhere.

In addition, TRFIC will order your Landsat ETM+ data and bill you later. We work with NASA and the USGS to get what you need with minimum hassle and maximum efficiency. We keep a copy and can then make it available to your collaborators through our on line services. These scenes also go into our TRFIC Data Cooperative, in which you earn credit for future acquisitions every time someone reorders your scene. In effect this will lower your cost for future data needs.

Should you need multi-data acquisitions, which combine your Landsat needs with other optical, and SAR data providers, we would be able to assist you. We also provide custom products or subsets.

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The TRFIC Data Cooperative: Users may participate in our Landsat Data Coop. The Coop provides:
  • Data brokering services
  • Data archiving and custodial services
  • Hassle-free redistribution to colleagues and project support services
  • Off-site backup of your data collection

Users who place MSS, TM and ETM+ scenes into the TRFIC archive will receive credit. For every scene placed into the archive, we will credit your account: one additional Landsat scene from anywhere in our archive. You may redeem your credited scene(s) at any time. Also, every time another user orders the scene you archived, you will be credited scene; every four orders by others earn you an additional scene from the collection. In addition to enhancing community access to data, the Coop helps lower costs to you.

Please click here to access the Data Coop form (.pdf)

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Targeted Data Buys: TRFIC targets specific geographic regions for Landsat 7 (ETM+) data purchases. Under these targeted data buys users can co-purchase Landsat 7 data for one half of the original price. Instead of purchasing a single scene for $600.00 users pay $300.00 and TRFIC pays $300.00. TRFIC will share the cost in order to assist in moving high resolution, current satellite data to the user community. In co-purchasing these data with TRFIC, users join the data cooperative and receive scene credits as mentioned above.

At present we have no Targeted Region.