The Amazon, the richest and grandest tropical forest in the world, spreads over nine Countries in South America, among which Brazil has more than 60 % of its total. Within The Brazilian Amazon, crossed from side to side by the Amazon River and fed by more than 1,000 of its affluents, one could fit Great Britain twenty times or Germany fourteen times. It is with this land and its people that we'll be dealing here.

There is no other place in the world with such variety of species. Within any area of the Brazilian tropical forest as small in size as the distance one can cross on foot in a couple of hours, there is more diversity of plants than in the whole of Europe. As a photojournalist working for a number of publications, I've had the opportunity to know this universe a little. I made my first trip there in 1989 and haven't forgotten the way ever since. One thing is certain: it was a turning point in my life; surely nobody could remain indifferent.